Help Keep Your Tax Rates Low

Have you ever received a request for separation information from MDES regarding a former employee who has filed for unemployment?

Did you complete it?  Why not? … because it takes too much time?   Maybe you don’t have staff to complete it?  Did you know that when benefits are paid to your former employees, your UI tax account is charged and your UI tax rate could increase?

In an effort to make the response process easier and give MDES the information needed to ensure that benefits are properly paid, the U.S. Department of Labor created SIDES E-Response.  SIDES E-Response is a fast, free, and secure way for employers to respond to requests for separation information online. 

Easy to use
Tina Dacus, HR Coordinator of Kolb Grading, LLC, touts the ease of using the SIDES E-Response system.  Ms. Dacus says that SIDES E-Response has been “very user friendly” for their company.  She also reveals that using SIDES E-Response has cut her time needed for responding to unemployment claims requests to one-third what it was using the old paper and mail process.

All you need to get started using SIDES is your:
State Employer Identification Number (SEIN);
Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN);
MDES Employer Account Number; and
Authorization code found on the form UI-21AE, Notice to Employer of Claim Filed and Request for Information.  This notice is mailed to the employer when a claim is filed.

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