Important Notice

To more effectively serve you, MDES encourages all employers to register a tax email address with us.

This will allow you to be notified electronically whenever a new correspondence is posted to your account. Once you receive this notification, please login to your account and view your correspondence immediately as unemployment insurance correspondence are time-sensitive.

You MUST also REGISTER for E-MAIL CORRESPONDENCE, by following the steps below.
CLICK HERE to login to your account »
Select E-mail Signup.
Employer Account Number will be displayed onscreen. Select Next>
Enter and Confirm Email Address.
Under “Application” Select Tax Correspondence.
Read the “Email Acknowledgement.
You must select “I AGREE” to the Terms and Conditions of MDES regarding electronic notifications. Select Next>
Verify the information on screen. Select Submit.
Receive message “Email Notification Confirmation: Information Saved.”


When you receive notification that correspondence has been issued

Once you complete E-Mail registration, when correspondence is generated for your account, you will receive a notification to the E-Mail address you provided.

To view the correspondence, you must:
Login to your account here »
Select Inquiry.
Select Correspondence.
Select View Correspondence.
Enter the requested information (date range must be 30 days or less.)
Select Next, then select the document you wish to view.

For assistance, contact MDES at