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WIN Job Centers Servicing the Business Community

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January 10, 2012
Jackson -

The Mississippi Department of Employment Security has announced plans to launch a campaign to educate the state’s businesses about the free services available to them through its network of WIN Job Centers. 

The agency’s job order blitz will run from January 17 until February 24. WIN Job Center staff will be notifying employers about assistance they can provide for all their employment hiring needs.  Employers can also get job listing assistance by contacting the MDES Call center or by faxing their job listing to the call center. 

Staff in the 55 WIN Job Centers will visit businesses in their local communities offering to write job listings, post job openings on the agency website, perform applicant screening and refer qualified candidates to employers.

WIN Job Centers provide applicant testing, space for employment interviews and information about tax breaks available for hiring from targeted groups of individuals such as persons with disabilities.  Employers may access all free services at their local WIN Job Center or online at, and can post a job by contacting 888-844-3577 or by faxing their request to 601-407-1071.