ReStart Mississippi

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System Access

ReStart MS is an online system developed by the Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) to assist the business community in transitioning employees who were separated from the workplace due to COVID-19 back into the workforce.

ReStart MS provides employers with information on employees presently filing or who have previously filed for Unemployment Insurance benefits. Utilizing this system will aid in the prevention of improper unemployment payments and assist in getting the workforce back to work sooner.

ReStart MS allows employers to report:
Refusal of Work
Inability to Locate
Potential Fraudulent / ID Theft Claims

Mississippi Law requires employers to report refusals to work within 10 days of the date of refusal.

Reporting this information timely is important, as preventing improper unemployment payments benefits all parties.

For the ex-employees who you are unable to locate, MDES will review the unemployment records and attempt to locate the individuals for referral back to your workplace. An individual who does not respond to MDES is subject to a disqualification for future payments.

Mississippi Employers registered as an Unemployment tax payer may access the system with your existing Unemployment Insurance, ReEmployMS, system User ID and Password or create a User ID and Password using the unique Authorization Code mailed to each Mississippi business.